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Presentation skills training courses for you or your colleagues

Effective Speaking is a training company specialising in presentation skills for individuals or groups. We provide public presentation skills courses in Auckland and Wellington and tailored, in-house training courses for organisations throughout New Zealand.

Free Presentation Skills Seminar

Learn and practice the one communication technique that will transform your presentations and give you clarity, credibility and confidence. Find out more here

We can help your company or organisation:

  • deliver winning marketing and sales presentations
  • give high-impact conference presentations
  • develop and deliver effective internal business presentations

We can help you:

  • overcome the fear of public speaking and develop your confidence
  • design the structure and content for your next speech
  • create PowerPoint that engages your audience and enhances your message
  • deliver your talk in a way that makes you stand out

Courses for 2016

Complete Presentation Skills - Auckland and Wellington - two transformational days in which you discover and master the five essential skills employed by successful presenters.

Introduction to Presenting - Auckland and Wellington A day packed full of information and practice.

Presentation StageTime - a one-day high-energy workshop focussing on Delivery, Improv and Impromptu Speaking, Storytelling, Humour and Audience Management.

free! - How to Open a Presentation - watch this short video course to find out how to quickly create an opening that does everything an opening should and is easy to deliver.

We are experts in presentation skills training

We don't teach anything else. We're recognised internationally for the quality of our material and will provide you with the most practical and up-to-date instruction available anywhere.

"Being a frequent and what I believed to be an accomplished speaker, I came to Tony for what I thought would be fine tuning. Tony methodically and inspirationally changed my whole way of thinking about communication and gave me new tools to inspire and connect with my audience. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level" -Andy Murray, CEO, Saatchi and Saatchi X

Individual coaching
Our advanced workshops are built around individual coaching for each participant using our "instant-replay" methodology and video feedback. We are one of only a few training institutions in New Zealand offering the 'instant-replay' methodology and believe it to be the most advanced and effective confidence boosting methods available.

" I found the training effective in changing my comfort levels with presenting to a group. Tony achieved this through one-on-one coaching with a live audience, so that recommendations could be acted on and the results were tangible and immediate - this made the whole experience enjoyable, a word I never thought I would use when describing speaking in public!"
- Pat Beath, Consultant, Synergy International Ltd

Overcoming the fear of public speaking
Most people in New Zealand feel some nervousness about public speaking. We've adapted proven psychological techniques - successfully used to treat phobias - to help people reduce their fear of public speaking.

"Fantastic course with great presenters. Although I was very nervous on day one the presenters made me feel very comfortable. What I learned will be invaluable - it really made me stop and think about the way I do things and how I think. I did not expect the course to be as interactive and was pleased that it was as it made it very easy to try out the things I was learning."
- Debbie Carr, New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants

Our guarantee
We guarantee that we will make a significant difference to the performance of each participant. If you consider that we haven't we won't charge you.

"The course challenged what I thought I knew about giving a good presentation, and has enabled me to make immediate and noticeable improvements to my presentation style. The course includes the perfect balance of theory and practice, the learning pace is just right, and the coaching is pitched to individual needs. Whether you are already an experienced presenter, or have never given a presentation before, you will benefit from this course."
- Sharon Pointon, Human Resources Manager, Horizons Regional Council

Words are only 7% of the message?
Ever been told that how you say it is more important than what you say? Our latest presentation tips article - Content is King - puts that ridiculous idea to rest AND tells you the five things you need to design into your content. Want more speaking tips?

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