Complete Presentation Skills

A presentation skills training course that will give you confidence and credibility and have your audience engaged and motivated.



Who is it for?

Complete Presentation Skills is a comprehensive presentation skills training course that covers all five facets of presenting in depth.

It is suitable for:

  • inexperienced presenters who want comprehensive training
  • experienced presenters who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

“Although I have attended three different presentation workshops, and given many presentations, this course was the best ever, and helped solve the one persistent problem I was having with presentations.”
– Roger Poland, Programme Co-ordinator – Surveillance, Ministry of Primary Industries

Course Outline

1. How to Design the Content of your Presentation

Many people tell us that it takes them far too long to prepare a presentation and that they struggle to make the presentation interesting and engaging for the audience.

We’ll show you how to significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare a presentation and how to make it come alive for the audience.

You’ll apply the principles we teach you by designing a presentation.

You’ll learn how to:

  • reduce the research you put in to your talk
  • ensure your content is of interest to the audience
  • help your audience remember and act on your message
  • quickly organise your material into a logical order.

The concepts we show you will be reinforced by you delivering and receiving feedback on segments of your presentation.

“It enabled me to put together an effective presentation ready to present to senior management in half-a-day. Normally this would have taken me two weeks.”
– Simon Lloyd-Evans, Infrastructure Manager, IAG

2. Deliver with Impact

Many people lose their natural ability to warmly communicate when they stand in front of a group. Instead they “speechify” and become stiff and pompous or panicky and speak too fast and lose their connection with the audience.

In this module you’ll learn how to use the techniques that you unconsciously use in everyday conversation to connect and communicate with your audience. You’ll become relaxed and in control of what you say and how you say it.

We’ll focus on your individual needs and also cover the following areas:

  • how to naturally pace your presentation and stop rushing
  • creating a sense of enthusiasm and commitment to your topic
  • create and change contrast and mood as you speak
  • engaging your audience at an emotional, as well as logical, level.

” I found the training effective in changing my comfort levels with presenting to a group. Our trainer achieved this through one-on-one coaching with a live audience, so that recommendations could be acted on and the results were tangible and immediate – this made the whole experience enjoyable, a word I never thought I would use when describing speaking in public!”
– Pat Beath, Consultant, Synergy International Ltd

We use video to give you accurate feedback on how you come across. At first intimidating, most people find this really helpful and often, it’s actually a confidence booster!

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3. Strategies for Creating Confidence

Nervousness about speaking in front of a group is a very common experience. A speaker’s confidence is also a key factor in how credible they appear. Because of its importance we put a particular emphasis on handling nervousness and developing confidence in our training. We’ll introduce you to psychologically-based strategies that you can use to significantly increase your confidence.

In this session you’ll:

  • identify the root causes of your nervousness
  • discover how to reduce the nervousness you feel
  • learn how to cope with the nervousness you feel
  • start to enjoy speaking in public.

We take nervousness seriously. The strategies we teach you are based on Rational Emotive Behaviour Training – a proven cognitive-behavioural technique.

” I got so much out of this course but to choose one thing to pinpoint is the work we did on nervousness. Being able to put it into perspective and realise it’s OK to be nervous and how to manage it was invaluable.”
– Kellie Nicholson, Test Manager, IAG

4. Presenting with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an excellent tool when properly used. Unfortunately most presenters don’t know how to make the most of it and so it becomes a visual impediment rather than a visual aid.

We’ve thoroughly investigated the latest research in multi-media learning and integrated that with our knowledge of PowerPoint to help you make your slideshow something to stimulate – not sedate – your audience.

This module will cover:

  • using graphic animation to reinforce your point
  • secret keyboard techniques to enhance your presentation
  • how to avoid creating slides that irritate your audience
  • free and inexpensive web resources that will enhance your PowerPoint shows.

“Should be compulsory before you are given the keys to drive PowerPoint”
– Roger Havell, Internal Audit Manager, Royal NZ Airforce

5. Audience Management

Perhaps the greatest challenge to a presenter is the fact that their presentation is a live event in front of an audience. Despite the best planning and rehearsal, the uncertainty of the audience’s reaction remains an underlying source of nervousness. In this module we look at what an audience (or members) might do, and to develop and practice psychological and practical strategies to handle this. Typical situations include audiences:

  • Disagreeing or pointing out flaws in the content
  • Interrupting and/or asking difficult questions
  • Looking bored or talking to somebody else in the audience.

You’ll choose a situation that concerns you that you’d like to handle better. Through our coaching you’ll develop and practice strategies for successfully dealing with the situation. At the end of the session, you’ll feel significantly more able to calmly handle the uncertainties you may encounter.

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Workbook and Video

As part of the course you’ll receive a copy of our 100-page Presentation Skills Workbook “How to design and deliver a presentation with confidence”. The workbook is used throughout the course and is also a valuable reference tool for the future.

You’ll also have continuous access to your final presentation and the subsequent “instant-replay” coaching session on our secure video-streaming service.

“The course challenged what I thought I knew about giving a good presentation, and has enabled me to make immediate and noticeable improvements to my presentation style. The course includes the perfect balance of theory and practice, the learning pace is just right, and the coaching is pitched to individual needs. Whether you are already an experienced presenter, or have never given a presentation before, you will benefit from this course.”
Sharon Pointon, Human Resorces Manager, Horizons Regional Council

Blended learning option takes only one day away from the office

Complete Presentation Skills can be delivered as a blended learning option where participants complete the the requirements of Day 1 remotely and Day 2 is delivered in a live-course environment.

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