Conference Speaker

Need a speaker for your next company conference or meeting?
Ask Tony Burns to deliver his speech “How to Stop Sabotaging your Success” at your next company conference.

Tony will give your audience invaluable insights into how they sabotage their own success. Not only that, but he will give them the keys to stop.

He delivers this invaluable message with a mix of magic, story-telling and audience-interaction.

The speech introduces proven psychological techniques – successfully used to treat phobias – and applies them to everyday work situations.

The techniques can be applied to a whole range of issues including:

Tony Burns makes a point of thoroughly researching your company and its culture and tailoring his speech to your needs and the issues you want to address.

The audience will learn techniques they can use straightaway and gain insights which can help them make remarkable changes in their lives and careers. And they’ll also laugh at how ‘normally neurotic’ we all are.