Course customisation

We provide a range of in-house presentation courses which are fully customisable to the specific needs of your business.

We can customise our one and two-day courses to meet your business objectives or we can create programmes specifically for you. Below are case studies of programmes we have run:

Water Programme of Action Roadshow

In 2005, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ministry for the Envrionment engaged us to help them prepare for a series of consultation meetings around the country.

We first facilitated a half-day workshop to design the presentation and associated PowerPoint slides. Following that we ran a day-long session in which we trained the staff who would be delivering the presentation around the country.This session involved rehearsals of the presentation, combined with video feedback and intensive coaching.

Te Papa Designers

Getting an exhibition design approved requires the designer to present their design concepts to a review panel. Te Papa sought our help to make the most of these presentations.

We designed a two half-day programme which focused specifically on presenting visual design concepts in a storyboard format.

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