Choose the right course for your group

Choose from these two options or have us design something specific to your needs

For beginners or nervous speakers, our one-day course Take the Pain out of Presenting works best.

For those with some experience and who are willing to be stretched, Complete Presentation Skills.

Or contact us to discuss designing a course for your specific group, budget and time availability.

Compare the two courses side-by-side:

Take the Pain out of Presenting
  • One-day course
  • Ideal for beginners and nervous presenters
  • Plenty of practice in small groups
  • Design a presentation using the Effective Speaking SpeakerMap™
  • Learn how to create visual and effective PowerPoint slides
  • Identify and manage the source of your nervousness
  • You won’t be videoed
  • You won’t have to present to the whole group
  • Free follow-up
  • Flexible group size

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Complete Presentation Skills
  • Two-day course
  • For presenters who want to be stretched
  • Focuses on individual needs and solutions
  • Design a presentation using the Effective Speaking SpeakerMap™
  • Deliver to whole group
  • Video feedback and masterclass-style delivery coaching
  • Practice handling difficult audience situations
  • Free follow-up
  • Small group size

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