Design Your Own Course

About the potential participants and their presentations
How many people would you like to receive presentation skills training?
What are their roles?
What sorts of presentations do they typically give?
What level of experience do they have?


Very little experience
Little to moderate experience
Moderate to fairly experienced
All of the above
Course outcomes
What are the issues that you would like addressed by a presentation skills course (eg: lack of confidence, uninteresting delivery, unsuccessful sales presentations)?
What impact do these issues have on your organisation (eg: staff lacking morale, low sales results)?
What are the most important learning outcomes you would like to see from a presentation skills course (eg: more confident presenters, presenters able to prepare a logical and persuasive presentation)?
How will this benefit your organisation?
(eg: better sales results, more motivated staff, policy recommendations accepted more often)?
Practical details
What length of course do you have in mind?


One-day course
Two-day course
Other – please comment below
In what city or location would you like the course or courses to be run?
About you
Name of organisation:
Phone number:
Postal address:
E-mail address:
In relation to making a decision about running this course, are you:


The sole decision-maker
One of the decision-makers. If so, who are the other decision-makers?
Please add their details below.
Gathering information on behalf of the decision maker?
Please add their details below.

Thank you for your time in filling in this questionnaire.

We will get back to you with our suggested course outline for your organisation.