“Three Common Presentation Mistakes” seminar

The three common mistakes that even effective Managers make in their presentations that sabotage their confidence, credibility and career prospects.

Most people don’t like presenting – many people name it as their number one fear. And so a presenter who is clear, confident and provides useful information, has a head start in gaining a reputation as a valuable and respected expert.

Tony Burns has been helping people become confident communicators for over 20 years. In this session, he’ll make you aware of some common communication mistakes that imperceptibly sabotage your credibility and may ultimately limit how much clients believe, trust and engage you.

You’ll also learn:

This will be a fun, practical and fast-moving session. The communication skills you’ll learn won’t just apply to presentations – you’ll be able to use them in meetings, conversations and interviews.

You’ll leave feeling more confident and will come across with more authority and credibility.

Presenter – Tony Burns

tonyAfter a 20-year career in broadcasting spanning music production, training and management roles, Tony established Effective Speaking – a company specialising in helping people become more confident and credible communicators.

Formal qualifications in Cognitive Psychology adds to the arsenal of tools that Tony uses to help people overcome their reluctance to speak up – whether in business, family or social occasions. His favourite quote is from Lee Iaccoca – “A person with a great idea, but who can’t express that idea, is no better off than a person who has no idea.”

Tony lives with partner Olivia on a large lifestyle block in Whitemans Valley where he enjoys horse riding and messing around in his digger. He enjoys travel, playing the guitar and is currently learning Spanish.

Tony is a lively and humorous speaker (despite himself having once frozen in front of a group). He is the winner of Toastmasters International and NZ Association of Training and Development awards.

How long does the program take to complete?

We’ve designed Nail that Presentation so that you can create your presentation in a total of 12 hours or less. That doesn’t mean that you can’t complete the program at a more leisurely pace if time is not an issue. However, in order to maintain momentum, we’d recommend aiming to complete the program in one month.

Is this a training course or a guide for designing a presentation?


We believe the best learning takes place when the learner has a concrete objective such as an real presentation scheduled for a specific date.

If you want presentation training but don’t have a specific presentation coming up, we will help you to organise and schedule one. Then, as you go through the Nail that Presentation program preparing for that presentation, you will learn and put into practice, a myriad of skills for creating an effective presentation.

I’m shy – I don’t like the idea of having to do a real presentation on a course

We get it – both of your coaches experience have experienced pre-presentation nervousness. But we’ve learned how to handle it.

If you have a real presentation coming up at a conference, job interview or training course, then there’s no avoiding that, you are going to have to stand up and give a presentation. So it’s better that you get used to being in this situation, rather than get thrown into the deep end!

Nail that Presentation is designed so that you, step-by-step, get used to talking to a group of people. The audience you present to as part of the program consists of people you choose so you do have some control. And, as part of the program, we’ll help you with strategies for managing your nerves.

In the end, you’ll be pleased you chose a training program where you had to do a presentation because it will have you more prepared and confident.

Will I have to do a real presentation as part of this?

We recommend “Yes!”

This program seems focused on presentation preparation. What if my main issue is nervousness?

You’re right – Nail that Presentation focuses on preparation and there’s a good reason for that.

As you probably know, nervousness is mostly caused by poor preparation and a fear that the audience won’t like what you’ve prepared. This nervousness then results in poor delivery such as speaking too fast and waffling. So by focusing on effective preparation, you reduce nerves and improve delivery. It’s in preparation that you get the most bang for your buck!

Ironically many people who suffer from presentation nervousness don’t get on with preparing their presentation because the preparation process, reminds them of what’s coming up, and also makes them feel nervous. If you’re in this camp you’ll be glad you signed up because the program breaks the preparation process down into small steps and holds you accountable to move through them.

So you’ll end up with great content that you know thoroughly AND you’ve rehearsed. And that can’t but help reduce your nervousness and enhance your delivery.

And, if you decide that you want specific help with nervousness or delivery or practicing Questions and Answers, we can help with a one-on-one on-line coaching session. This costs $297+GST.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

If you implement our principles and systems you will find that they make a significant difference to the success of your presentation.

But we get that you may feel unsure. We stand so solidly behind the effectiveness of Nail that Presentation that we will make it totally risk-free for you. If your presentation is not significantly improved by implementing our principles and systems, ask for your money back within 60 days of your presentation and we will refund you.

And here are the conditions of the guarantee – this is necessary so that we don’t have an open-ended liability to refund your money:

When you enrol in the program we will ask you to complete a questionnaire to tell us more about the presentation that you’re preparing for, including the date of that presentation. The guarantee applies to that specific presentation only and so you will need to ask for a refund within 60 days of the date of that presentation. If you do not complete the questionnaire and tell us the date of your presentation the guarantee does not apply.

To qualify for the guarantee you must show us that you have implemented the principles and systems of the program.

For how long do I have access to the videos and other online course materials?


Is it really possible for me to improve my presentation skills via an online course?

The phrase “presentation skills” covers a wide range of abilities and aptitudes including:

1. Designing excellent content of value to your specific audience
2. Delivering that content in a way that makes it easy to follow
3. Managing nervousness so that it doesn’t sabotage your delivery
4. Handling questions and other audience interaction
5. Designing engaging visual support such as PowerPoint.

Nail that Presentation focuses on #1 – designing excellent content (with some bonus material on #5).

It is the easiest part of the presentation skills package to change and it’s usually the one that makes to most difference to how effective you are perceived as a speaker.

There are many errors that beginner and experienced presenters alike make when designing their content. They include:

  • confusing their knowledge with presentation content
  • having no clear overarching theme
  • trying to cover too much
  • bombarding the audience with opinions and facts
  • using dull or overly complex backup material.

Nail that Presentation will not only ensure you don’t make these mistakes, it will help design content that is perceived and relevant and valuable.

Why do an online course when there are live courses available?

Three reasons:

1. It’s now difficult to find public presentation training courses in New Zealand. They’re tricky to fill so, if you enroll on one you have to hope that others do to – otherwise it will be cancelled and you’ll have to start again. We’ve been running one and two-day public courses for well over a decade and have decided that we don’t want to have to cancel courses – that’s why we’ve created this online version.

2. You can start this course the moment you get approval. So if you’re motivated by the fact that you’ve got a presentation coming up, you don’t have to hunt around finding one that starts soon – and isn’t running on a day or days when you’re not available to attend!

3. This program is absolutely tailored to your individual needs. It doesn’t matter how experienced, confident or skilled you are. You will find this program will work for you at whatever level you are. You won’t be held back by fellow participants who can’t keep up – you won’t be left behind by participants who are more skilled or experienced.

I don’t have a specific presentation coming up. Can I do the program as a training exercise?


We’ll help you set up a presentation that you’ll deliver to colleagues or friends at the end of the program. Your work in the program will be all about creating and delivering that presentation.

Having done that, you can follow the same process when that “real” presentation comes along!

Surely I need to be in a room with other participants?

Not with the way we’ve designed this program! We’ve taken all the core benefits of the classroom environment and we’ve integrated them into the process.

The main reason to be in a room with others is so that you can try out the skills you’ve just been taught.

You learn by:

1. giving it a go
2. making mistakes
3. getting feedback, and
4. getting specific help from a coach on how to improve.

All of this happens on Nail that Presentation but it happens with the added advantages of:

1. you can get specific help from the coach before you “give it a go” to the group
2. if you make a mistake, you’ll make it amongst friendly, familiar colleagues who have committed to help you
3. the feedback can take as long as it needs to because there’s no-one else wanting attention
4. your coach can focus on your needs for as long as necessary without holding any one else up.

The main reason I want a course is to overcome my nervousness. How can online course help with that?

Once you understand the root cause of your nervousness you’ll understand how this program will help.

Most people get nervous because they don’t feel sufficiently prepared. As a result they fear making mistakes, stumbling and waffling, looking incompetent and being disapproved of by the audience.

But many of these issues are solved through excellent preparation.

And if you complete Nail that Presentation you will be much more prepared than you could be than from attending a one or two-day course.

We will step you through ALL the preparation processes:

  • audience analysis
  • choosing the right structure
  • designing a great opening
  • creating notes
  • creating slides
  • rehearsal

and you get feedback and help from us at every step.

Basically, you’ll go through the same preparation process that our one-on-one coaching clients pay us thousands of dollars to help them with.

Surely I need to deliver a presentation in order to learn?

Yes – and you will be!

Nail that Presentation ends with you delivering the presentation that you’ve designed to selected friends and colleagues. If you want to, you can video it and post it so your Coach can see it as well and give you more advice and feedback.

So whether you’re doing this program as a training exercise or doing it in order to get you started preparing for a real occasion, you will get to deliver your presentation to real people.

My Manager is expecting me to come back with a live course recommendation. How should I sell this course?

1. You can start straight away.
2. You don’t need to pay for travel or accommodation.
3. Your Manager can be part of the Focus Group that supports you as you complete the program.
4. You don’t need to be out of the office for long periods.
5. The coaching is individualised.
6. The course fee is very reasonable given the quality of the information you’ll receive and the expertise available to you.
7. The program is guaranteed to make a noticeable difference in the way your presentations are received.
8. Your Manager will be able to see the results when you give your final presentation at the end of the course.

If that’s not enough, set up a call with us. We’ll be delighted to talk!

I’m tempted but still have my doubts as to whether this will help!

We get it – and if you’ve done “information” style online courses you’re justified in being cynical about the results you’ll get.

However, Nail that Presentation is is an “experience” course – you’ll be in action right from the start and you won’t be working alone. Your Coach and your Focus Group will provide both encouragement and accountability.

And that’s why the course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Which means, even if you have doubts, you have nothing to lose by trying out the program. You can start straight away and find out for yourself. Complete the program and, if it doesn’t make a noticeable difference (highly unlikely) you can quickly move on and find another solution. And we’ll cheerfully give you your money back!

Hosts: Project Management Institute of New Zealand – PMINZ
When: 15 August 2016
Time: 5.30 Nibbles, Presentation: 6pm -7.15pm
Where: The Grand, 69 Courtenay Place, Wellington
Contact: central.comms@pmi.org.nz

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