Audience Engagement

3 July 2024
14 September 2022
You’re mid-way through your presentation, when suddenly…a hand shoots up… They then proceed to ask a question that challenges your presentation! What should you do?
10 August 2022
When we’re talking to an unfamiliar audience where there is resistance, historical grievances or a divide on some level, the feeling of ‘us and them’ in the room can be a problem. It can feel off-putting and intimidating for you,
8 September 2021
When it comes to presenting to a group either online or in person, it will be helpful to stay objective, keep our cool, and try not to react to different moods and reactions in the room.
15 September 2020
Do you remember Olly Olsen from the 80’s children’s TV show ‘After School’ ? Does the phrase “Keep cool, till after school” mean anything to you?
12 April 2020
We all loved the ‘1pmers’ during lockdown. But the highlight for me was always the questions. Because when it comes to Q & A’s, Ashley smashes them. Every time.

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