Creating Engaging Content

5 June 2024
Three tips to help you fight presentation procrastination and deliver the talk you want to give.
31 January 2024
Are your acronyms working with you or against you? What you think is a time saver, could actually be a barrier to the effectiveness of your message.
12 June 2023
Most ineffective presentations have way too much information in them. That’s because it’s hard to prioritise which information is needed – and which is best left out.  But how do you develop a good key message?
29 July 2021
No one wants their time wasted – we are all time-poor these days. So when we ask someone to listen to us, surely we owe it to them to make that time count?  I find a key driver to this issue
19 October 2020
I want to talk to you about the use of bad language in your presentations. No, not the swearing kind. The company cliche, jargon-heavy kind. The laden in detail and ‘makes your eyelids heavy’ kind. 
14 January 2020
How do you get your audience (and face it, sometimes yourself!) to be interested in your topic, without adding unnecessary extras to your presentation

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