Are you in the right zone?

Jane Sheffield
Lead Trainer & Owner
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What zone are you in when you present?

This is important and can shift you from being a good communicator…to a great communicator.

There are two main zones:

  1. Your zone.
  2. Your audience’s zone.

Signs you are in your zone:

  • You are thinking about how you’re coming across.
  • You are not making direct eye contact with anyone.
  • Your focus is in your head.
  • Your mission is to get through your content.

Signs you are in your audience’s zone:

  • You are looking at them. Like, really looking. Just as you would in a normal conversation.
  • You are noticing who is nodding their head. And when.
  • Your focus is on the room.
  • Your mission is to get your content through.

Two different missions, right?

You may have spent hours crafting your message. You might be trying to get every. Single. Word. Exactly. Right.

But if those words are not cutting through – it is a Waste. Of. Time.

The only way you can tell if your audience is following you, is to be in their zone. To really talk to them. Look at them. Read their responses and connect with them.

Not only does that make you more engaging to listen to, but it allows you to adapt what you are saying, if needs be.

If they are nodding? Awesome. Keep doing what you are doing.

If they are staring at you blankly or are all on their phones – it’s time to change it up.

Rather than focusing on getting through your message, learn to focus on getting your message through.

Get out of your head, get into the room.

Stop Presenting. Start Talking.

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