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A presentation skills course for all levels of
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Choose WHAT you'll learn

There are two major ingredients that contribute to a successful presentation - Preparation and Delivery.

You can attend training just on the preparation process – or both preparation and delivery.

Choose HOW you’ll learn

Are you up for delivering to the whole group and getting feedback and coaching? Or would you prefer to observe and occasionally practice along with everyone else?
You choose.

Choose how much TIME you'll commit

Each live section (there is also a bonus online component) is a day long. If you're pressed for time, just attend the Preparation day.
NB: if you wish to attend the Delivery day you must also attend the Preparation day.

Choose WHAT you'll pay

Three options available from $695 to $1,995.

Prices shown exclude NZ GST.

What will you learn?


Create Engaging Content

Learn how to use the Effective Speaking SpeakerMap™ to quickly create an engaging presentation.

Design Stimulating Slides

Discover the alternatives to “death by bullet-point” and transform your slides to engaging visual content.


Manage your Nervousness

Learn how to manage your feelings of nervousness and stage-fright.

Deliver with Impact

Speak to a group with the confidence and ease with which you speak when you’re communicating one-on-one.

Handle that Audience

Learn how to handle any curve-balls the audience throws you!

Day 1 - Preparation Day


Preparing What You're Going to Say

Learn how to use the Effective Speaking SpeakerMap™ to quickly create an engaging presentation.

You'll learn how to:

  • reduce the research you put in to your talk
  • ensure your content is of interest to the audience
  • help your audience remember and act on your message
  • quickly organise your material into a logical order.

Preparing What You're Going to Show

Discover the alternatives to “death by bullet-point” and transform your slides to engaging visual content.

You’ll discover:

  • how to use graphic animation to reinforce your point
  • secret keyboard techniques to enhance your presentation
  • how to avoid creating slides that irritate your audience
  • free and inexpensive web resources that will enhance your PowerPoint shows.

Preparing How You're Going to Feel

Learn how to manage your feelings of nervousness and stage-fright.

In this session you’ll:

  • identify the root causes of your nervousness
  • discover how to reduce the nervousness you feel
  • learn how to cope with the nervousness you feel
  • start to enjoy speaking in public.

Day 2 - Delivery Day


Before You Go On

Rehearsal and Memory Tricks to feel totally prepared.

You'll learn how to:

  • why you don't like rehearsing and how to get over it!
  • how to maximise the time you have to rehearse
  • how to remember the order that items come in
  • ways to manage your notes
  • the sad truth about using PowerPoint as your notes
  • how to recover from mind-blanks.

Deliver with Impact

Speak to a group with the confidence and ease with which you speak when you're communicating one-on-one.

You’ll discover:

  • how to naturally pace your presentation and stop rushing
  • the technique that virtually eliminates “ums and “ahs”
  • how to stay on track without being glued to your notes
  • how to look confident and in control
  • ways to engage your audience at an emotional, as well as logical, level.

Handle Whatever the Audience Throws You

You can plan and rehearse your presentation. But can you handle the audience?

In this session you’ll discover:

  • the fail-proof strategy for handling people who chat to each other
  • how to handle distractions without turning a hair
  • how to deal politely with people who interrupt you constantly
  • how to handle an angry audience member without losing your cool.

There are 2 participation options:

Presenter mode

This is for you if you're willing to leave your comfort zone and be stretched. Not just for experienced or confident speakers, choose this option if you really want to maximise your experience on this course.

In a totally safe environment you'll:

  • deliver a short presentation to the whole group
  • receive feedback from the group and trainer
  • receive "masterclass-style" one-on-one coaching
  • your presentation and coaching are videoed for later review
  • practice audience management techniques from the front of the room.

Observer mode

If you're not quite ready to head to the front of the room for video-coaching, then this is the option for you.

You’ll participate by:

  • practicing the delivery techniques you learn in pairs or threes
  • seeing the improvements presenters achieve from their coaching
  • analysing the techniques being taught and giving feedback to the presenter.
Do I HAVE to deliver a presentation if I attend the Delivery day?

No. You can choose the Observer option in which you you actively participate in the programme and do group exercises but do not deliver a presentation from the front of the room.

Check out the two Participant modes here.

When should I choose the Delivery Day only?

Choose this option if:

  • others prepare your presentations for you
  • you DON'T use PowerPoint as your presentation design tool
  • you are confident about the structure, clarity and value of your message
  • you can create visually appealing and engaging slides
  • you're an experienced presenter and want to focus on how you are at the front of the room.
When should I choose the Preparation Day only?

Choose this option if:

  • you prepare presentations for others and rarely ever present
  • you are confident and in control when you're presenting
  • you can only attend one day.

Please DON'T avoid attending the Delivery Day because of your nervousness about presenting, being embarrassed or put on the spot. You can attend the Delivery Day as an Observer and learn heaps about delivery without the fear of any of those things.

Why might I attend both the Delivery and the Preparation Days?

Experienced speakers often tell us how surprised they were to learn so much from the Preparation Day. The SpeakerMap™ Design module is usually an eye-opener and results in more focused presentations, designed faster. You'll also rethink how you use PowerPoint and learn how to stop sabotaging your engagement when you use this tool.

We especially recommend attending both days if you are a nervous speaker:

1. the Preparation Day contains our "Handling Nervousness" module
2. The SpeakerMap™ design system help you to create a presentation you'll feel confident about
3. the Delivery Day will teach you all sorts of techniques to help you to look and feel less nervous.

Still not sure?

Please feel free to call us. We really want you to get the most out of your attendance and a few quick questions will enable us to make a recommendation to you.

You can get us on 021 903 490.

I'm tempted to choose Presenter mode but I'm really nervous!

We get it! When we attend courses to improve our skills as trainers and facilitators, we get nervous too - it's part of being human and it doesn't have to stop you.

Here are three reasons to take the plunge and choose Presenter mode:

1. You have an important presentation coming up. Coming to the front of the room in this safe environment will transform your confidence both before and during your upcoming presentation.

2. You’re going into a new role where you have to present more. The coaching you receive will give a massive boost to your skills and your ability to cope with different audiences.

3. You already present reasonably regularly but have never received in-depth one-on-one coaching on your particular needs. The Coaching option is almost a “must” for you as it will highlight your strengths and point out the key areas in which you can improve. Plus, your Coach will show you HOW to improve.

We've run this coaching with literally hundreds of participants and NEVER had one say later that they'd wished they'd not come to the front of the room. We'll take care of you and your skills will be transformed.

Why do you offer two participation modes?

Because individuals have different needs.

We've worked with thousands of people and know that our video-coaching makes a significant and immediate difference to their confidence and effectiveness.

But not everyone is ready for this level of challenge.

We know that participants learn heaps as they watch us coach other people and so we have introduced the "Observer" role so that everyone benefits from the coaching processes we use.

Select Your Package

1. Decide whether to attend the  just the Preparation Day or also the Delivery Day

2. If you're attending the Delivery Day choose whether to be a Presenter or Observer.

Observer Options

Presenter Options

Tell me more about being a Presenter

Participants who choose the Presenter option get to present to the whole group from the front of the room - just like a real presentation. We video this for your later review. After you've presented, you'll get feedback from other participants and the trainer. We'll also show you a little of the video so you can see for yourself how you're coming across.

One-on-one Coaching

Then we'll have you do various parts of your presentation again but this time you'll get coached to help you come across more effectively. This coaching will be personal to you and will focus on the areas where you'll most benefit. Because this coaching happens while you're in front of an audience it's extraordinarily powerful in helping you transform the way you come across.


Your videos are stored online behind a secure password. You can review your videos at any time and many participants review their coaching before an important presentation to remind themselves of what they learned on the course.

For many of our course participants, the presentation coaching they receive is the highlight of the course and is the reason they so highly recommend our course.

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16th and 17th March 2021


4th and 5th March 2021

What do previous participants think?

"In August I was asked by our CEO to give a presentation to the Board of Trustees. I prepared myself with your SpeakerMap™. I got fantastic feedback and heard that the Board were very impressed with me. This presentation has been the highlight of my year!"

Clarissa Wallace

Training Coordinator, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre

"Out of the 117 presenters that spoke at the TechEd conference my final ranking was #9.

I absolutely would not have achieved that had it not been for the invaluable speaker training you provided! 

Thank you so much."

Daniel Bowbyes

Information Architect, Datacom

"Five years ago, I was a living, breathing example of the fear of public speaking. My company sent me on your course and it helped in heaps of ways.

I now feel relaxed and confident giving presentations and most surprisingly of all I actually ENJOY doing them! "

Andy Williams

Senior Adviser, Medical Assurance Society

Bonus Online Training - value $400

Every participant receives a life-long subscription to Nail that Presentation - our video-based online course designed to help you create an engaging and compelling presentation.

This programme plus your coaching videos (for Presenters), our 100-page workwork and our free personalised follow-up provide you with an extensive support package after the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Effective Speaking?

We are a specialist presentation skills company, operating in New Zealand for the last 20 years. We run public and inhouse and online courses and provide one-on-one coaching. Our clients are both large and small organisations in the private and public sectors.

Our approach is based on the belief that we all can communicate in an engaging way when we are in one-on-one conversation, but when we stand in front of a group our natural confidence and enthusiasm seems to evaporate! Our training is designed to help you to tap into that natural ability and be confident and engaging when presenting to any size group.

About your trainer

Jane Sheffield is Lead Trainer at Effective Speaking.

As well as being an experienced corporate trainer, Jane previously had an international branding career which required her to present in many high stakes situations across Europe and the Middle East. Jane is known for her clarity, warmth and enthusiasm, and her passion for helping people express their ideas.

“Jane was an excellent trainer. She was enthusiastic, easy to follow, bubbly and helpful.”
Jae Barrett, Strategic Asset Management, Wellington City Council

“Clear communicator, great examples, friendly and natural style. She engaged the different people really well, considering there was a range of styles and experience. I think we all got lots out of this regardless of our presenting experience.”
Tania Cotter, Senior Advisor, Health Promotion Agency

“Jane is engaging and relevant. She is one of the best trainers I have experienced.”
Rebecca Callaghan, Group Financial Controller, Zespri International

When does the Earlybird pricing end?

Earlybird pricing ends on 31 January. The standard price is the earlybird (currently shown) plus 33%. Lock in the earlybird rate

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes. If you attend and fully participate (at the role you choose) and, after your next presentation feel that the course was not of value to you, contact us and we will refund your entire course fee.

What if I have to cancel?

Refunds work as follows:

* Between 4 weeks and 2 weeks before the scheduled dates - 50% of the course fee
* 2 weeks before the scheduled dates - no refund.

Can you run something like this inside our organisation?

Certainly. Contact us here

I can't make these dates. When is the next course?

Contact us and we'll let you know.

Terms and Conditions

Your course fee covers all materials and include refreshments and lunch. You need to pay in full before you can attend the course. Cancellation/change fees apply. We do not allow transfers between courses. We reserve the right to cancel the course for any reason. Should the course be cancelled your fee will be promptly repaid in full. This will be the limit of Effective Speaking's liability.

Cancellations/Booking Changes

Refunds work as follows:

* Between 4 weeks and 2 weeks before the scheduled dates - 50% of the course fee
* 2 weeks before the scheduled dates - no refund.

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