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We’re different. We don’t focus on coaching presenters to deliver a pre-written speech, we teach you to be confident and capable at speaking in any situation – be that a day-to-day team meeting, a board presentation, or in front of a global conference. The tools we give you will be used every day.
Our trainers aren’t actors, they’re business professionals who’ve been where you are, for many years, and have a passion for helping you present effectively.  
We are based in Wellington, but can come to you anywhere in New Zealand, Australia and even further afield, to run one of our pre-prepared courses or a tailored course to suit your team. 
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Our Team

Jane Sheffield

NZ Lead Trainer & Business Owner

Effective Speaking - Jane Sheffield Profile

I’m a passionate communication coach who loves supporting ambitious professionals to communicate effectively and feel comfortable at the front of any room. 

In a previous life I worked in advertising and corporate branding. Based in London, I learnt how to present the hard way – by getting it wrong (and occasionally right) in boardrooms, meeting rooms and conferences around Europe and the Middle East. 

After leaving the world of branding, I joined Effective Speaking where I was trained by two of New Zealand’s most experienced presentation skills coaches to become an Adult Educator. 

Since 2016, I have been training business professionals across every industry sector in New Zealand – local government, central government, technology, professional services, education, health, infrastructure and more.

I’ve worked with thousands of business professionals through coaching, workshops and online courses to become more effective and comfortable business communicators. 

My true love is family. But second to that is helping people get their ideas out in the world and feel confident doing it.

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