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Effective Speaking - Presentation Skills Tips, tricks and resources to improve your public speaking
Are your acronyms working with you or against you? What you think is a time saver, could actually be a barrier to the effectiveness of your message.
5 June 2024
Three tips to help you fight presentation procrastination and deliver the talk you want to give.
15 November 2023
When we learn to stop focusing on what others are thinking of us, we become more comfortable, confident and effective communicators.
24 October 2023
Stage Fright. We all get it! How to go from a shaking wreck to a dancing queen in three easy steps.
12 June 2023
Most ineffective presentations have way too much information in them. That’s because it’s hard to prioritise which information is needed – and which is best left out. But how do you develop a good key message?
15 March 2023
Learn the three rules of making stories relevant in your presentations.
26 January 2023
However you feel about her, you can’t argue that Jacinda Ardern is a top-notch communicator. I personally have learnt so much from watching her over the years. Here are the top 3 communication lessons I have learnt from Jacinda Ardern.
14 September 2022
You’re mid-way through your presentation, when suddenly…a hand shoots up… They then proceed to ask a question that challenges your presentation! What should you do?
10 August 2022
When coaching in my ‘Speak Like a Leader’ workshop, I often ask participants to turn off their slides, turn over the notes, and have a go at explaining their point using a whiteboard. Why?
10 August 2022
Do you ever feel on the back foot when you present? Feeling inferior in some way, to those you are speaking to, is an uncomfortable feeling Different situations can make us feel this way. Lets solve this!
10 August 2022
When we’re talking to an unfamiliar audience where there is resistance, historical grievances or a divide on some level, the feeling of ‘us and them’ in the room can be a problem. It can feel off-putting and intimidating for you,
12 July 2022
We all have internal walls. Barriers we have developed to ‘play the part’. Walls that built around our own insecurities. Are we smart enough? Are we experienced enough? Are we good enough?
10 May 2022
Last week I trained a scientist who had recently started a new role. She was feeling nervous about an upcoming presentation. Her concern was, “I don’t feel like a subject matter expert – yet”. I get it.
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